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Introducing Foggit

FOGGIT is a high-performance engine fogging oil that provides protection of cylinder walls and valves of racing engines between events, during periods of storage, during off-season winter months, and in high humidity. It prevents rust on engine components, providing maximum piston ring seal and valve seal.

FOGGIT contains a proprietary blend of chemicals designed specifically for internal combustion racing engines with cylinder walls with finer finishes and is constructed with exotic piston ring and valve materials.

The tactile properties of FOGGIT are more of an oily feel when compared to common penetrating sprays, and it is not as tacky as marine fogging oils

What is

FOGGIT is a purpose-designed High Performance Engine Cylinder Protectant.


FOGGIT is a purpose-designed High Performance Engine Cylinder Protectant.


FOGGIT was developed by Racers to solve a problem all High Performance Engines face


Forty years ago, most racers used engines based on a stock block. These blocks were very unstable and didn't stay round past 30 minutes. Therefore cylinders usually had a significant amount of blowby, keeping the cylinder walls oily. The fuels were also not as refined as they are today, and most people were running a detergent-type oil.

Today most modern performance engines cost several thousands of dollars. Most useafter-market blocks with significantly better honing techniques. Piston rings are unbelievably better at oil control. Vacuum pumps and high vacuum is standard to minimize blowby.

As racing fuels have advanced over the decades, they have been "Drying Up" by removing some dirtier components and using only high-end hydrocarbons. Not to be left out, racers currently use dedicated breaking and engine-specific racing oils. These oils have been stripped of all detergents and unnecessary additives. The end result is a very dry cylinder, which is great for horsepower but not great for keeping cylinders from rusting. All of these factors have lead to an unprotected cylinder wall and valve seats that when left exposed, can and will rust quickly.


• FOGGIT has a thinner viscosity than other brands of fogging oils, allowing it to be sprayed through the intake tract. Different brands of fogging oils are primarily designed and marketed for the marine industry and are designed to be sprayed through the spark plug hole for long-term storage. Attempting to use marine fogging oil by spraying it through the intake tract results in puddling and failure to dispense onto cylinder walls.

Other brands of penetrating oils that are thin enough to be sprayed through the intake tract are too thin to remain on the cylinder walls for more than a few hours and then evaporate, leaving no protection from humidity-induced rusting.

• FOGGIT is designed to be used both as a short-term or long-term storage fogging oil due to its viscosity and its ability to cling to materials, allowing it to remain on valves and cylinder walls.

• When used correctly, FOGGIT will not foul spark plugs or hinder the performance of a racing engine.

• FOGGIT contains a special blend of ingredients that cling to steel and iron, leaving an oily film for months.



Stanfield Racing Engines

"FOGGIT is a great product not only for our racing engines, but it's also the most effective spray lubricant we have in the shop."


MaGaha Racinga

" After extensive back to back dyno testing, FOGGIT prevented rust in our cylinders and showed no loss in horsepower. We use and recommend FOGGIT for everything. It's great! "


Rolla Competition Engines

"I love the idea of it. It definitely does what it is supposed to do. Huge steps forward for us!"


Nickens Brothers Racing Engines

"We use Foggit religiously on every engine and every night at the races when we are done racing, and we make sure every customer leaves with a can of Foggit for their engine. As far as I'm concerned, it is an engine savior. We love it!"


Jeff Taylor Racing Engine

“It blows WD-40 away... Anyone who is using WD-40 is wasting their money.”


Frank Iacono Racing Engines

"I waited a long time for someone to develop a product like FOGGIT. We use FOGGIT on all of our pro stock engines. I'm very impressed with the results."