Foggit Showcase at Engine Performance Expo 2023

Lake Speed JR. tears down last years engine and shows how quickly rust can build.

Gary Stinnett spoke at a round table during Engine Performance Expo this past week. He shared the best way to use Foggit.

Steve Williams and Gary Stinnet speak with Bruno from MotorTrend

While at the 2023 PRI event in Indianapolis, Gary and Steve spoke with Bruno from Motortrend TV about Foggit. They talk about one issue every racer faces and how FOGGIT solves the problem of engine corrosion. They also dive into the history of FOGGIT, why it was developed and how it will help racers at every level protect their engines.

Foggit Round Table at 2022 Engine Performance Exp

Steve and Gary introduce Foggit at the Engine Performance Expo with Lake Speed Jr. Foggit helps solve a common problem every racer faces and how using it will protect engine cylinder walls from rust and corrosion, protecting your investment.

Sportsman standout Jeff Taylor speaks about his experience with Foggit

Jeff gives his opinion about Foggit high-performance fogging oil and how it is better than WD40 in saving him time and energy with his engine build.

Jeff Taylor is an elite racer. He has become one of NHRA’s most accomplished sportsman stars. His 49 wins have come in Stock, Super Stock, Super Comp, and Comp Eliminator, and he even got the chance to dabble in Pro Stock in the 1980s.