high-performance fogging oil

Introducing <span>FOGGIT</span>

Introducing FOGGIT


As engine builders with decades of experience, Gary Stinnett and Steve Williams identified a common problem in all high-performance engines: surface rust on the cylinder walls. After use, rust forms quickly and becomes even more prevalent and problematic between events and during long-term storage.

Disappointed with commonly available lubricants, they set out to create a product specifically for use in racing and high-performance engines. Their goal was to develop a formula that would cling to cylinder walls, prevent rust, protect the surface, and be easy to apply.

Foggit does just that. It is the ultimate High-Performance Fogging Oil.

Available at ALL NHRA national events on manufactures row... look for the FOGGIT logo.

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Race With Foggit!

Why Foggit?

More About Foggit

Coats components

Foggit coats internal components inside your engine that can begin to form surface rust in as little as a few days without protection.

Unique Formula

Foggit is a unique formula developed to protect cylinder walls from the damage surface rust can cause to piston rings, valves and other components.

Provides Protection

Foggit provides protection for internal surfaces from corrosion and lubricates cylinders to help prevent damage when starting after storage.

Displaces Moisture

Foggit protects your engine by displacing moisture from metal to prevent corrosion on all 2 and 4 cycle carbureted and fuel injected engines.

Meet Our team

The Brains Behind FOGGIT

-4 Time NHRA World Champion
- Nationally Renowned Engine Builder
- Leading Carburetor and Throttle Stop Expert In Super Class Racing
- Instrumental In Working With Manufacturers In The Design And Development Of Many New Racing Products.

-45 year Career Performance industry Professional
-28 years leading Product Development and Engineering.
- NHRA world champion
- Former K&N CEO
- 30 year SEMA member

- 3 Time National Event winner
- 7 Time Divisional Event winner
- Founder of 8.90 Motorsports

⁃ 1 National Event Win
⁃ Youngest National Event winner in Stock Eliminator
⁃ 1 Class win in D/SA

Do you fog your engine?

Lake Speed Jr. speaks with Gary at the Engine Performance Expo

how fast will rust form in your cylinders?

Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About FOGGIT
What IS Foggit?

The very first fogging oil specifically designed for high-performance racing engines. We developed Foggit's state-of-the-art formula to protect against rust and corrosion that forms in engines.

Is foggit only for Race Engines?

NO! Foggit has a vast amount of uses. Any piece of machinery that you would like protected from rust and corrosion is a great candidate for FOGGIT. Foggit has been used as a tool and di lubricant, gun cleaner, rust remover, to name a few other use cases

How Do I order in Bulk?

If you would like to order in bulk or sell FOGGIT in your shop, e-mail and we will happily help.

Does Foggit have silicone in it?

No, FOGGIT was developed without silicone.

Does Foggit work on engines with methanol or ethanol?

Foggit works for all types of fuels. But due to the the corrosive nature of ethanol and methanol those engines especially need Foggit.

How to use Foggit