The Imperative of Fogging Your Engine Before Winter Storage

The Imperative of Fogging Your Engine Before Winter Storage

"This stuff is the real deal. Got my bare block back from the machine shop. Sprayed it down with Foggit, covered it up. I had a health issue that kept me from assembling it for 3 months. Pulled the engine bag off, looked like it just came out of the machine shop. We use it in our class & bracket cars." - Mike DeVore
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When it comes to storing high-performance engines during the harsh winter months, ensuring the right protective measures are in place is crucial. A pivotal part of this process is fogging the engine before storage to safeguard its intricate parts from corrosion and rust. Foggit fogging oil emerges as the preferred choice for this task, providing unparalleled engine protection and peace of mind. Here, we delve deep into why fogging your engine with Foggit is a vital step in your winter prep routine.

Understanding Fogging Oil and Its Significance

Fogging oil is a specially designed protective agent that lends a protective shield to the internal components of your engine. It effectively battles moisture, thus averting the onset of rust and corrosion.

Why Choose Foggit Fogging Oil?

Crafted by racers for racers, Foggit fogging oil stands tall as the prime choice for racers around the globe. It owes its allegiance to a formulation that is precisely engineered for high-performance race engines, bestowing them with unmatched protection during the dormant winter months.

The Fogging Process with Foggit

Applying Foggit fogging oil is a streamlined process that assures optimum protection. The oil, when sprayed into the carburetor or directly into the cylinders through the spark plug holes, coats the internal components, creating a barrier that effectively fights against corrosion and wear and tear due to stagnant moisture.

Advantages of Fogging Your Engine with Foggit

Choosing to fog your engine with Foggit brings along a plethora of benefits including enhanced lifespan of the engine, effortless startup when the season begins, and the retention of the engine’s high-performance characteristics.

A Step Towards Responsible Engine Maintenance

As a racer, you've invested not just substantial amounts of money, but time, effort, and passion into optimizing your engine for peak performance. It stands to reason then, to take every possible measure to protect this significant investment. Being a responsible engine owner means adhering to a meticulous maintenance routine. Utilizing a renowned fogging oil like Foggit is more than just a step in this routine; it’s a testament to your commitment to safeguarding the heart of your racing vehicle, ensuring it continues to deliver exhilarating performances for seasons to come. Remember, Foggit was developed by racers, for racers, tailoring its formulation specifically for the high demands of race engines, making it the unrivaled choice for engine protection.


As we gear up to bid farewell to the racing season, giving your engine the care and protection it deserves should be on top of your checklist. Equip yourself with Foggit fogging oil and step into the world of unmatched engine protection, ensuring a race-ready engine once the winter thaws. Remember, a well-maintained engine is not just about performance; it’s about the joy of racing, the passion for speed, and a testimony to durability and strength.


A new looking cylinder after storage with Foggit

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