a before and after photo of a rusty cylinder block and a clean cylinder block with a can of foggit in the middle it depicts rusty walls plus Foggit equals clean wall

Lake Speed Jr.'s Foggit Experience

FOGGIT is a high-performance engine fogging oil that provides protection of cylinder walls and valves of racing engines between events, during periods of storage, during off-season winter months, and in high humidity. It prevents rust on engine components, providing maximum piston ring seal and valve seal.

FOGGIT contains a proprietary blend of chemicals designed specifically for internal combustion racing engines with cylinder walls with finer finishes and is constructed with exotic piston ring and valve materials. 

The tactile properties of FOGGIT are more of an oily feel when compared to common penetrating sprays, and it is not as tacky as marine fogging oils.

The above image are the results we had using Foggit on an engine that had been sitting for nearly 20 years. We bores coped the engine and knew the bores were rusty from storage. So we used Foggit to see what it could do as we had nothing to lose. We let the Foggit work for a couple of weeks, and then fired up the engine. It made within 1 HP of what it did brand new, and made slightly more vacuum than it did brand new. When we tore it down for inspection, the cylinders looked great. Foggit is simply amazing.

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